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Te Whare Kōhungahunga o Waiheke

We celebrate inclusiveness and recognize the diversity of our community as a tremendous strength
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Our Philosophy

Achieving positive outcomes for all Tamariki of all cultures, genders and ages is our main goal.

Our centre is a community centre; we celebrate inclusiveness and recognize the diversity of our community as a tremendous strength. Children are the heart of our centre culture. Achieving positive outcomes for all Tamariki of all cultures, genders and ages is our main goal.

We respect the aspirations of all cultures and honour and support the articles and principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. We believe learning begins at home. We honour and respect the aspirations of Whanau and family. We value relationships with children and Whānau and we seek partnership with parents to understand and nurture each child according to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs at any given time. We believe all children and adults have a right to a caring, safe, healthy, socially just and respectful environment.

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Honour & respect the aspirations of Whanau and family

Nurture children through positive guidance & affection

A caring, safe, healthy, socially just & respectful environment

Empower children to make constructive & ethical choices

Support fair-trade & organic foods & are active recyclers

Learning as an ongoing journey of discovery & exploration

Our communication is peaceful. We believe this will empower children to make constructive and ethical choices in their lives as responsible citizens. The spirit of caring and kindness reaches out into our wider community and incorporates us caring and protecting our physical environment. We value a respectful and mindful attitude towards our bodies, our island and our planet. We support fair-trade and organic foods and are active recyclers.

We acknowledge that our children will face many challenges and we support them to be active problem solvers and critical thinkers that come up with innovative solutions. We help children to help themselves. We view Nature as a teacher and seek to provide a programme that allows children to connect with nature in a meaningful and consistent way by offering our Bush School programme to our older children. We practice active review and are open to change and new ideas.

Bush School

. We take our children out doors because we believe that children learn best through free play and exploration.

Welcome to our bush school programme on Waiheke Island. Nature is the third teacher it provides an infinite amount of interesting and stimulating impulses. We believe that children need to take risks, managed risks, that is how they become confident and capable, they learn about their boundaries and limitations but they also develop physical skills to become better climbers, runners and explorers.

  • Children having fun & working together as a team

    Looking out for each other and taking care of each other

    As Nigel Latta stresses in his article “Cotton Wool Kids” ( 2007) “.... sometimes you fall off stuff...these things hurt. They also motivate you to hang on tighter and try harder.” Children have to work together as a team, looking out for each other and taking care of each other, by helping a scared child, supporting a slow walker or waiting for them.

  • Nature is abundant and has so much to offer

    Develop a real sense of community and sharing

    A shared Kai at lunch time brings a real sense of community and sharing. Bush school is holistic outdoor education at its best. We don’t compete for space or fight over things. Nature is abundant and has so much to offer it is an endless resource of inspiration, beauty and abundance.

  • Taking children beyond the boundaries of the classroom

    Experience the world as it really is

    Taking children out of the boundaries of institutionalized learning allows them to experience the world as it really is, it puts us all in our place and we have to learn to manage situations and problems as they arise, we are truly sharing experiences, teachers and children, we become co learners and explorers sharing learning that is filled with spontaneous moments of wonder and engagement and yes real risks, that is how our future leaders will develop the skills and empowerment to deal with the challenges the real world holds in store for them.

  • inspiration,
    beauty &

Our Team

We support children’s holistic well being and development by nurturing them through positive guidance and affection.

We encourage friendship and acceptance, fostering social competence in all our learners. As teachers it is our responsibility to observe closely, listen carefully and understand deeply before we act. We value personal growth and development and see it as a responsibility of educators to be reflective and self aware. We are enthusiastic co- learners viewing children as capable and resourceful. We see learning as an ongoing journey of discovery and exploration. We value initiative and pro active risk takers.

Kathy Gardam

Senior teacher

Tanya Marshall-Smith


Lorraine Irvine


Penny Holmes

Early childhood teacher

Dinah West

Early childhood teacher

Maureen Clooney

Early childhood teacher

Gretchen Halsey

Early childhood teacher

Claire Sergeant

Early childhood teacher

Waiheke Ostend Market

A Market that is a friendly, vibrant, diverse and an interesting place for young and old and people from all walks of life.

The Ostend Market is a Community Market operated by the Waiheke Community Childcare Centre. Our Market is and has been a melting pot for all the people of Waiheke and its many visitors for around 30 years now.

We welcome all Stallholders and in particular community groups (at the discretion of the Market Coordinators) that wish to use the Market as a forum to introduce their services and community initiatives free of charge. Children and Youth may have a stall at a discounted rate. We believe if the Market is flourishing it will benefit all of our Community including all the traders and visitors of the Market.

We welcome entertainment and activities for both children and adults and wish to provide a peaceful, safe, and supportive environment for all our visitors and stallholders at the Market. We endeavour to become sustainable and earth friendly, minimising any negative impact on the environment.

For more information please visit www.waihekeostendmarket.co.nz

Give us a call

(09) 372 6115. We look forward to hearing from you.


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